Lili holds onto her childhood. She sits on the roof of her abandoned house and guards her childhood belongings.
2016 | Director: Hani Dombe, Tom Kouris | 10 min | Cast: Directors: Hani Dombe and Tom Kouris, Script: Hani Dombe, Producer: Hani Dombe, Animation: Tom Kouris, Design: Hani Dombe, Music: Gil Landau Sound: Gil Landau, Editing: Tom Kouris | Producer: Hani Dombe
Between Fingers
while using the restrooms, Roni is scrolling some dating app...

Daniel Sweed

DIY: A guide for killing it!
Shmulik lives inside a guidebook for the average dodger.


Daddy Oh!
3 year old Nelly wreaks havoc in her parent's lives. 

Amit R Gicelter

In the depths of a mysterious forest, a young man walks alone

Dana Levi

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