The Sun Rises Down Below

Chronicles of a city
2021 | Director: Dylan Joseph | 16 min | Cast: Ora Meirson, Mai Roup, Tovit Semay, Bar Ackerman, Ori Yaniv | Producer: Harel Ben Melech
A mother, a father and two daughters are driving through the desert

Maya Yadlin

Fragments of a lifetime in a militant society

Dylan Joseph

Based on the Novel

Naftali Alter

In His Place
A lament for two lost nations

Ofir Feldman

Makor Fund for Television and film

Shortizz Editorial

An award-winning short film about child violence

Aviv Kaufman

Shortizz Editorial

Ben Levi just wanted to order some pizza

Haven Originals

Yael's Room

Shir Cohen

Darkness, My Friend

Guy Yaaqov Hammel

Southern Winds
Disappointments on the Mediterranean coast of Bat-Yam

Matan Gur

Second Life
A spark of humanity is blinking in an empty world

Emanuel Shechter

A Short By Ofer Ben Hayun

Ofer Ben Hayun

Gentle Dog
A Dark comedy on Dogs, Singles and urban life

David Shadi

The Cage
The story unfolds at a Tel Aviv Cafe during the first Intifada (1988) between a Palestinian cook and an Israeli bartender.

Amit Goren

Single over 30
You Listen to that ticking?

Sharon Danon

4 year old Day fall in love with Lea. She is his kindergarten teacher

David Shadi

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